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Discs are not sliding down the chute? (Inhouse)

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Discs are not sliding down the chute? (Inhouse)


Discs are not sliding down the chute?

There are several things to try for this problem.

1. Make sure that you have the Teflon tape strips supplied with the Kiosk Mode Kit taped over the ridges on the chute and not in between them.

2. Make sure the Bravo is on a level surface. (Make sure it's not on an incline that causes it to lean back further than it should.)

3. Also make sure that the cover is properly secured to the base of the unit. There are three Phillips screws at the front of the unit that secure the cover to the base. You can see them if you move the trays.

4. Certain media causes more friction than others. If there are rough edges on the bottom of the discs, there is a higher likelihood that the media will not fall easily down the chute.

5. Clean the chute with some Windex.

6. Very dry conditions can cause increased static electricity which can increase friction. Very humid conditions can also increase friction. The chute works best in a climate controlled environment.

7. We have found a spray product that can help with this issue. The product is SAILKOTE (it was originally designed for sail boats which have LOTS of sliding plastic/vinyl parts on tracks, etc.) The product is a clear aerosol spray, does not stain the slide, dries in 20 seconds, has no odor, and may need to be re-applied. Any similar product may also work.

8. Tyvek www.tyvek.com

Some customers have used Tyvek which is often found on the inside of envelopes. They have then attached this to the Bravo chute using double sided sticky tape. By no means is this the official fix for this problem. I am simply reporting to you what we know has worked for other customers with the same problem.

9. As a last resort try propping up the back feet of the unit about 1/2 inch.

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