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Freund Label Templates Instructions for LX400

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Freund Label Templates Instructions for LX400



Freund Label Templates Instructions for LX400

Section 1 - Template Organization

Templates are organized by common sizes, categories and all templates. For this reason you may see duplicates under each category. For example a 4x6 template may look very similar to a 2x2 template. The template designer simply reformatted the label for the different aspect ratios of the 4x6 and 2x2 labels.

Section 2 - Previewing Templates

To browse through the templates so you can decide which one to use follow this procedure. You will not be able to edit the labels yet. These instructions are to help you find the label you would like to edit.

1. Place the disc in your CD/DVD ROM Drive.

2. Click the My Computer link located on your desktop or any explorer window.

3. Find the drive with the title "Freund Template".

4. Double click to open.

5. Choose a specific size, category or all labels. Double click the folder to open it.

6. Double Click on the first file that you see on the list. (If you have the "show extensions" enabled you will see a "JPG" extension on this file.)

7. Your default photo browsing application will open the file and display it.

8. To browse to the next file simply click the next arrow in that program or the right arrow on your keyboard.

9. Once you find the template you would like to use write down the name of the file and note the folder location. Move on to the next section.

Section 3 - Choosing a Template

Once you have decided on a template you must move it to your computer so that you can edit it and save your changes. Follow these instructions:

1. Open the folder in which the template is located.

2. Find the file/template you would like to use.

3. You will notice that the file/template has a duplicate file name with a different file icon and extension. Select both files and copy them. For example the label "3x2.5 Solid - Blue.jpg" will have a corresponding file named "3x2.5 Solid - Blue.lbl".

4. Paste the files onto your desktop or into My Documents.

Important Note: You must always copy both files that are named the same. The label template is made up of two files. The .JPG File which contains the graphic and the Nice Label .LBL file which contains the size, layout information and any sample text. You must have both files together to make up a full template.

Section 4 - Customizing the Template

To customize the template to your specific use you will need to open the template in the Nice Label software. Follow these steps:

1. Find the file/template in the location where you pasted it in Section 3 Step 4 above.

2. Double Click on the .LBL file. If you do not see a file extension, click on the file with the green Nice Label icon.

3. Nice Label will open and display your template. You may see additional sample text or barcodes that were not visible while browsing the labels in section 1.

4. You may delete the sample text, edit it or add additional text, graphics or barcodes. Follow the Nice Label software instructions located under the Help menu.

5. When you are finished with your label, save it and print according to the instructions in the LX400 manual.

Section 5 - Troubleshooting

Error: Graphics Load Failed! Could be Invalid File Name!

Solution: The JPG file was not copied to the same location as the LBL file or the file was moved or deleted. The JPG file and the LBL file of the same name must be kept together at all times.

Additional Information: Graphics files (jpg, bmp, tif, etc.) used in a Nice Label file are not embedded with the label file itself. This allows you to associate multiple labels to one graphic file. If original graphics files are moved or deleted you will receive the above error message. Click details to find out which file could not be found. Nice label first looks for files at the location where they were originally associated. If it does not find the file there, it will look in the same directory as the Label file.

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