The target mark is printing too close to the edge of the label stock (CX1200).

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The target mark is printing too close to the edge of the label stock (CX1200).


Problem: PTPrint displays target mark in correct position but the printer is printing the target mark too close to the edge of the label stock.

Solution: Completely reinstall PTPrint following these instructions.

  1. Before uninstalling the current version of PTPrint you will need to have access to the CX1200 license files. These are located on the CX1200 installation disc. If you do not have access to the installation disc but already have PTprint installed on a PC, copy the products.ini and products.lcf to your desktop. These files are located in C:\PTprint 
  2. Uninstall PTPrint from Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel. (Windows Vista and Windows 7 users will need to go to the Control Panel – Programs & Features - Uninstall a Program)
  3. Delete the PTPrint folder from C:\
  4. Delete the PTPrint folder from C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\PTI . (The "Application Data" folder may be a hidden folder.) In Windows Vista and Windows 7 the "PTPublisher" folder is here: C:\ProgramData\PTI 
  5. Download and Install the latest version of PTprint here: 
  6. When running the installer you will be prompted for license files. Insert the CX1200 installation disc and browse to D:\PTprint\App. If you do not have your CX1200 installation disc browse to the Products.lcf file that was copied to the desktop before uninstalling.
  7. Reboot the PC after the install is complete.

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