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My Z1 will not power on.

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My Z1 will not power on.


My Z1 will not power on.

You must plug both the power cable and the USB cable into the back of the Z1.  It requires power from both devices.

If you already have it plugged into a USB port, try another port.  Make sure it is not plugged into a hub or a pass-through port on another device such as a keyboard or a drive.  Also, make sure it is plugged into a port on the back of the PC.  Front ports are generally internal hubs which are the same as an external hub.

If you have the Z1 connected to a laptop make sure the USB cable is not plugged into a port on a PCMCIA card.  PCMCIA cards do not provide power through USB unless you plug in the optional PCMCIA power adapter.  If you plug in this power adapter for your card you may be able to use the Z1 connected to this port.

Remember, that the Z1 requires power from the USB connection so anything that will impede the flow of power including extra long USB cables and hubs should be considered.

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