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Can I install CD / DVD / Blu-ray drive(s) in my Disc Publisher?

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Can I install CD / DVD / Blu-ray drive(s) in my Disc Publisher?


Primera does not recommend installing/replacing your own drives. You may void any remaining portion of your warranty (you have a 1 year warranty from the date of original purchase) by opening the case. Primera will not offer warranty support for any product that has drives that were not factory-installed. Primera may not offer support (warranty or non-warranty) for units with drives that are of different make and model than the drive(s) that originally shipped with the products to be serviced. 

Primera will install drives for the flat rate repair fee associated with your product. If your unit was not originally a BLU unit Primera DOES NOT offer upgrades of any kind to Blu-ray drives.

If you are out of warranty and decide to install drives here are some tips:

Choosing a Drive Model. Click here for a list of previous and currently supported DVD drives.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a drive. The drives that we put in the units usually have special OEM firmware that was developed by the drive manufacturer to make it compatible with our duplicators. The firmware changes ensure that the drive opens all the way consistently, and opens with enough delay so that it does not immediately close before the disc is picked. This is necessary for achieving consistent disc picking from the drive tray. Many drive manufacturers do not test for these particular features since they assume their drive will be used in a computer. Firmware upgrades for supported drives can be found here.

IDE to SATA.  If you currently have IDE drive you will need to upgrade to SATA drive. This will require an upgrade kit (Part Number 062446) which includes a USB to SATA bridge board, a power cable and the latest DVD drive.

Spare Parts Store. You can purchase the latest DVD drive, Blu-ray drive or SATA Upgrade Kit on the Spare Parts Store.

Upgrading to Blu-ray. It is possible to upgrade a unit to Blu-ray. However, if you currently have a DVD drive installed then your drive interface is USB 2.0. While Blu-ray burning will still function, the USB 2.0 interface is not fast enough to allow the Blu-ray burning at top speed. DVD burning will still be possible at the fastest possible speed. Factory installed "BLU" disc publishers have a eSATA interface.

Service Manuals. Contact tech support for a service manual which explains how to install drives.

Software Upgrades. After a drive upgrade, you must upgrade to the latest version of PTPublisher. 


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