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How do I burn to a DVD using PTburn?

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How do I burn to a DVD using PTburn?


To burn a DVD in PTBurn:

1. Choose Data Job from the Main Menu.

2. Click Set Options on the Data Job Screen.

3. Check the DVD box. See Options panel below:

4. Click "Set" to save options.

5. Add the data to your job by dragging and dropping files or right clicking and choosing Add Files or Folders. Note: If you would like to create a DVD video playable in a DVD player follow these additional instructions to get the data from your DVD to your hard drive:

Using Windows Explorer, copy the Audio_TS and Video_TS folders from the master DVD to your hard drive. Or, use your DVD publishing software to create an output format in Audio_TS and Video_TS folders. In PTBurn, Select these folders. PTBurn will recognize the folders and automatically format the disc as a video DVD.

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