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PTPublisher burns the disc but will not print. It burns the disc, but stops after it puts the disc in the print tray. (PC)

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PTPublisher burns the disc but will not print. It burns the disc, but stops after it puts the disc in the print tray. (PC)



PTPublisher burns the disc but will not print.  It burns the disc, but stops after it puts the disc in the print tray. (PC)


There are several things to check:


1. Paused Printer.  Make sure the printer is not paused.  Go to Control Panel - Printers.  Below the Disc Publisher printer driver it should say paused or ready.  If it does not show this information, right click on the printer and one of the items on the list will be Pause or Resume printing.  If it says Resume printing, your printer is paused.  Click Resume Printing.


2. Local Admin Rights.  You must have local administrative rights to the PC running the Bravo.  You may be able to print only from SureThing with less than Admin Rights, but you will not be able to print and burn from PTPublisher without Admin Rights.  See this article for more information.


3. Print File.  The SureThing file that you have associated with your job could be formatted incorrectly in some way.  Check for the following problems:

  • File Extension/Format.  Make sure you are associating the proper file format.  PTPublisher accepts 3 file types: std files, jpg files and bmp files.  Std files are created with SureThing.
  • File location.  Make sure the file path specified in PTPublisher actually contains the image file you would like to print on the disc.  This can become a problem if you associate the file in PTPublisher by using the drop down menu instead of the browse button or the SureThing button.  The drop down arrow stores the location of previously used print files.  If those files were moved since they were last used the drop down list would refer to an incorrect file location.
  • SureThing install.  Make sure SureThing is installed.  SureThing must be installed if you are going to be printing from PTPublisher, even if you are not using a SureThing file.  SureThing can be downloaded at this link.  Please contact Primera Technical Support for the username and password.
  • SureThing version.  You could have a problem with the version of SureThing that you used to create the print file.  Make sure the file can be opened by the version of SureThing installed on the computer to which the duplicator is connected.  For example, if the version of the file was created on another computer that has an upgraded copy of SureThing and then saved on the network or copied to the computer connected to the duplicator, then there may be a problem if the version on the computer connected to the duplicator is not also upgraded.
  • SureThing template.  If you are using a newer/upgraded version of SureThing or your label was created in a very old version of Surething, make sure the label file that is associated with your PTPublisher job is using the correct template.  If you open your label in Surething, right above the label it should say “Primera 120mm Disc – Full or Standard Face”.  If it says something else, such as CD Color Printer IV, please take a look at this link to fix it.
  • Merge file.  Certain SureThing merge file setups may cause this problem.  Try a label without a merge field.

4.  Print from SureThing.  Try and print the label directly from SureThing.  Open the label up in SureThing and try to print from there by going to File – Print.  Select the Disc Publisher as the printer and click on Print.  If it fails to print from SureThing, please see this article.


5. Driver Installation.  Make sure you have the correct print driver installed.  Go to Control Panel - Printers.  You should see a printer named Disc Publisher II / XR / Pro / XRP / SE / Pro Xi / 4100.  This should match the unit that is connected (i.e. Disc Publisher II = Bravo II, etc).  If you do not see the driver installed, install it.  If it is installed, try updating or reinstalling the driver.  The latest drivers and instructions for installing them can be found at this link.


6. Multiple printers.  Make sure there is only 1 copy of the specific Disc Publisher you are using listed in Printers under the Control Panel.  There could possibly be a “Disc Publisher” and a “Disc Publisher (Copy 1)”.  That could cause an issue with the software.  Delete one of them so that there is only one Disc Publisher listed in the printers list.


7. Ink Cartridge.  Check to make sure that there are no flashing lights on Bravo's control panel.  If there is a flashing power light, see this article.


8. Driver folder.  Check to make sure there is a Drivers folder located at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\PTI (XP/2000) or C:\Program Data\PTI (Vista/7).  If it is not there, please reinstall the printer driver.  The printer driver and instructions can be downloaded at this link.

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