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My toner cartridge is defective. The ITU or fuser is defective. What can I do? (CX1000-CX1200)

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My toner cartridge is defective. The ITU or fuser is defective. What can I do? (CX1000-CX1200)


A. Cartridges

B. ITU and Fuser

C. Replacement Procedure.


Contact Primera Technical Support via phone at 763-475-6979 or via email at http://www.primera.com/contact_tech_support.cfm if you experience any of these conditions which might qualify for a warranty replacement cartridge:

1. Cartridge is not recognized by printer. (Receive unsupported cartridge error on the control panel) Note: The High Yield cartridges that ship with the printer can only be used in the printer they originally shipped with.

2. Cartridge clips are broken. In rare cases clips can break in transit. The cartridge clips hold the two halves of the toner cartridge together.

3. Cartridge cap comes off causing large toner spill inside the packaging of a new cartridge.

4. Photo conductor drum is dented causing repeating defect immediately after first use. Cartridge must have less than 100 pages printed to qualify. Dents discovered after this amount are most likely caused by mishandling. Always take care to handle the cartridge carefully so that the photo conductor drum is not damaged. Repeatedly removing and replacing cartridges can cause dents on the photo conductor drum. Improper storage of cartridge can also cause dents.

5. Quality problems can occasionally warrant free replacement.  Please contact tech support to trouble shoot these issues. You will be asked to send pictures or scans of printed images showing the problem.

Refilled cartridges will not warrant replacement under any circumstance.  Refilled toner cartridges can cause print quality issues, and cause damage to ITU and Fusers.  Using refilled toner will void any warranty on the printer, ITU, Fuser or Toner cartridges.

Important Note regarding toner cartridge levels: 
Toner cartridges will not be replaced due to earlier than expected empty states. The percentages remaining calculated by the software are estimates and do not necessarily reflect the actual amount of toner in the cartridge. Toner cartridges are filled according to ISO 19798 yield standards. This is an internationally recognized toner yield standard. It is extremely unlikely that a toner cartridge is underfilled. Any earlier than expected empty toner cartridges are most likely due to a problem with the software's interpretation of a particular image's toner usage.

Cartridge Weights can not be used to determine toner fill levels!
The toner itself is a very small percentage of the the total weight of the cartridge. Changes in other internal components of the cartridge, which occur throughout the production life of the cartridge, will cause variability in cartridge weights.


The ITU or Fuser will not be replaced if any of the following are true:

1. Refilled Toner is being used.  Refilled toner cartridges can cause print quality issues, and cause damage to ITU and Fusers.  Using refilled toner will void any warranty on the printer, ITU, Fuser or Toner cartridges.

2. Page count is greater than 120,000*.

3. Printer is used with narrow width media less than 8 inches (20 cm).

4. Printer is used with non approved material that melts or otherwise causes a large paper jam that may dent the ITU or melt the material onto the fuser heat roller.

5. Printer is used with roughly cut media or dirty media that leaves large amounts of paper debris or dust on the ITU.

6. The ITU is removed, inserted or stored improperly resulting in dents in the ITU belt.

7. The ITU is "cleaned" using water or other cleaners. The ITU should never need cleaning if maintenance procedures are followed. Avoid touching the ITU belt with any object.

8. The fuser paper sensor is broken due to improper removal of paper jam. Always pull paper out of the printer to the right!

9. The media or toner is stored or used in extreme environmental conditions which are substantially outside of the optimal use conditions described in this article.

To extend the life of your ITU follow these maintenance procedures:

1. Periodically remove the ITU and inspect the ITU wiper blade. Brush off or vacuum away any toner dust, paper debris or dust. See this article.

2. While the ITU is out of the printer, vacuum the second transfer roller area inside the printer. See this article.

3. Make sure the toner waste cap is in working order and the foam sealer is in place.

Build up of toner in any of these areas can cause wear on the ITU belt.


Contact Primera Technical Support to receive a replacement fuser, ITU or cartridge. In the U.S. call 763-475-6979 to speak with a label press specialist. You will be required to send in the cartridge for evaluation BEFORE receiving a replacement. You may also be require to send the following:

1. Quality Page Print. See this article.

2. Device Statistics Report. Print the report by accessing the main menu on the control panel on the front of the printer. Choose Reports - Device Statistics. Before printing, open the fuser door to divert the paper to the top tray.

Physical Sample showing defect. You may also be required to scan the print and send it to the tech support representative during the troubleshooting process. 

Once the cartridge is received and evaluated, if it is determined to be defective, a replacement will be sent. 


*Important Note: The numbers above are estimates of ITU or Fuser life.  This is NOT a guarantee or warranty.  Many factors affect actual ITU or Fuser life. 

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